Exercise: Improvement or interpretation?

I use this technique frequently, and especially where there is a wide range of skin tones, such as in this shot near Cape Town, where the waiter’s face is too dark and his uniform top is too white. The camera does not have the dynamic range of the eye so it necessary to expand what the camera can see to bring it closer to what the eye may see.

camera's displayed dynamic range can't match reality

camera’s displayed dynamic range can’t match reality

Face lightened

Face lightened

Q. Is the photographer’s selective adjustment acceptable?
A. Yes. If not you could not make out the waiter’s features as you could in real life. If your eye can see it then why shouldn’t you process the image until it more closely matches what you saw?


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Flaneur for my own ailments; government and corporate hypocrisy; guitar stuff; the music business; home made videos featuring home made tunes played at home; a bit of golf; and of course photography. Specifically "art" photography (doesn't exist) and contemporary photography ( sadly does exist in all its grotesque reality).
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