Exercise: Colours into tones 2

I couldn’t understand how to emphasis depth in a landscape and I didn’t find the example in the course book any help, so I cheated and used blur in the BW conversion.

..A few months later and the haze puzzle is resolved by PH on the forum..http://oca-student.com/node/103666#comment-57466  

I have several examples of this but I didn’t understand what was being asked.


The second example, that of lightening a complexion was achieved by boosting the red channel. I hadn’t expected that result, but there it is.

Student BW


For the garden image I used a photo of Niecepore Niepce’s garden which we visited on holiday. This conversion was predictable in that it only involved boosting the green channel.

Maison-Niepce BW


Of further interest was that by reducing the green channel I could make my subject stand out much more although granted she starts to look ghostly.
Maison-Niepce 3

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