Assignment 3 tutor feedback

“Throughout this assignment you have demonstrated a good understanding of various photographic techniques, controlling light and contrast in these black and white images.

You have also shown visual skills in observing interesting views to photograph and composing them to make interesting images.

The outcomes of your work here are a high quality and show creativity in a variety of ways, I think your strength shown most here is very good observational skills to see something of interest and capture it with your camera to share with the world.

Stairway to Capitalism

You are obviously very passionate about the meaning behind this image and I think that this comes across in the image to a degree although I think this may have been stronger if captured with something about the charge to enter within the frame or maybe as a diptych with the sign to make the meaning of the image really clear. As an image in its own right I really like it, it has a feel of Cartier Bresson capturing the decisive moment with the people walking by and the couple kissing on the steps, reminding me of Robert Doisneau’s Kiss. A beautiful shot which is well composed and looking timeless.

Warning Steps

I think the viewpoint you have chosen and the composition really emphasise this strange archeological feature of these steps. The people in the image add interest to the image too. I feel that the buildings appear unnecessary within the shot and add nothing to the shot focusing on the steps. May I suggest an option which I think would lead to a less cluttered, more focused image with possible a stronger composition, how about cropping just above the people on the walkways heads and then to the left to maintain the proportions. I think that would really improve this image and make it very strong indeed.

A Symptom of the Problem

I think that this photograph has a strong graphic style which works particularly well in black and white. The viewpoint works well looking up the staircase with all of the lines leading up and giving a sense of perspective. I like the fact that you have made sure there are people in the images to give the image a sense of movement and the staircases being used.

The Final Step

This image seems slightly less successful as the composition is less well considered. I think this is due to the wonky step in the foreground and the wonky horizon in the distance, it creates an odd sense of perspective. Perhaps cropping more tightly or altering the angles could improve this shot.

Things can only get better

There are some interesting textures in this image which work well in monochrome, I am unsure of the inclusion on the right of the drainpipe, is this meant to add something to the image as it is quite dominant in the frame.

Descent to familiarity

I am unsure about this image, it feels a lot more of a snapshot then the other images in this series of work.

Steps to enlightenment

The same comment applies as to the previous shot, I am unsure as a viewer what I am meant to take away from these images or be looking at in these images.

Privileged descent

I really like how you have framed this image, it is full of interesting textured and really leads your eye down the pathway to the steps.

Another Mystery

This is an interesting image as you can feel the presence of people in it by the pathway down the steps which is devoid of leaves, showing the stairs are used. I like the mystery of the image and this sense of implied traffic on the steps.

Known Unknowns

This image gives me vertigo as looking straight down that staircase! It looks very steep, the figure at the bottom means you can start to interpret this image in a variety of ways.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays Context

You have shown a good knowledge of photography with your research for this assignment looking at other photographers capturing the subject matter of steps.

You have completed all of the exercises in an in depth manner and written extensively about your work, excellent work well done.
Suggested reading/viewing Context

Here are some ideas of photographers to look at;

David Hockney
Raoul Housmann
Man Ray
Andre Kertesz,
Herbert Bayer

Pointers for the next assignment

Keep up the good work, concentrate on what you want the viewer to take from the image, what you want to get across and say.”

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