Exercise: Managing Tone

These are the two original files, RAW and JPEG. Not much difference at this point.

RAW original

JPEG original

Following the course directions, the corrected JPEG doesn’t show much improvement because the orginal data is no longer there. I was able to lighten some clothing but the sky was gone and there was no way of bringing any detail back.

JPEG corrected

The RAW file on the other hand retained all the captured detail and could therefore be manipulated to bring in all the detail captured by the sensor. There were highlight sky tones that had not been displayed in the original but were waiting to be summoned.

RAW corrected

I used Lightroom v4.2 on the RAW files and Photoshop CS4 for the JPEG. I could have used Lightroom for the JPEG but I see LR as a tool for files that have retained detail to work on. I wasn’t attracted to previous versions of LR, but my tutor recommended a LR book so I tried the free trial and then bought the student edition. As the course notes there is very little for Photoshop to do in terms of tone and colour after LR has processed the image. Another advantage of LR is that it contains the latest Adobe RAW converter software which now allows me to process RAW files from my Canon G1X which I cannot do on my older version of Photoshop. Adobe will have to add significant new features to PS for me to consider an expensive upgrade.


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