Exercise: Highlight clipping

This is the whole scene with no highlight clipping, and I found that there were differences between the pre-capture histogram, which was showing very slight clipping, the post-capture clipping display, and then the histogram within Photoshop. I picked out a section of the image that would illustrate the points required in the exercise, that is-

  • completely lost areas of visual information
  • a visible break in the form of an edge between nearly-white and total white
  • a colour cast along a fringe bordering the clipped white highlight
  • the colour saturation.
f8 1/125s

f8 1/125s

the exposure is just clipping the highlights but lightens the darker areas overall and is probably a better representation than the next version which is ideal according to the camera’s exposure meter.

f10 1/125s

f10 1/125s

none of the four problems listed are evident at these near-perfect settings.

f7 1/125s

f7 1/125s

at f7 the sky begins to lose areas of detail, as expected, but no other lines, breaks or casts are evident.


f6.3 1/125s

f6.3 1/125s

Now the sky is losing its clouds and turning grey-ish white.  The colour saturation appears to be shifting due to the lighter tones in such an over-exposure. I see edges between white and nearly-white on the camera display but not in Photoshop.

The final image shows the sky almost completed whited out, and the colour satuation continues to change.

f5.6 125s

f5.6 125s

My version of Photoshop does not have the latest version of ACR that would allow me to open RAW files from a recent camera (the Canon G1x) so I was unable to test the recovery slider on these images, although I see some strange effects available with older files.

These final two images illustrate the difference between the optimal image at f10 where there is no highlight clipping and only minimal shadow clipping, and the highlight clipping in the image at f5.6

Shadow clipping at f10

Highlight clipping at f5.6

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