Exercise: Your own workflow 2

For an assignment for another module I had to find buildings and record a few images that showed its function. I decide to go into London for the day with the aim of going into Southwark Cathedral, which I had already researched. It has been a church since the seventh century although not christian, and more importantly allowed photography on payment of £2.

I enjoy exploring cathedrals and soaking up the atmosphere so I expected this to be quite a good experience, and it was.

My plan was to work my way around the church and find the images as they came up. I was concerned that the light levels would be low, and I wasn’t capable of lighting that space with flashguns, so a tripod was essential, but because I had to use public transport and because I have an unresolved health problem it wasn’t possible to take my existing tripods, one of which is carbon fibre but still weighs in at over 1.4kg. From a previous experience on an OCA study day I knew that carrying around the extra 1.4kg would be too much, so I settled on a monopod instead, and hoped that my camera’s sensor would handle fairly high ISO’s.

My workflow was then-

– confirm opening times and services when photography was forbidden;

– pack a backpack with one camera and two lenses (24-105mm and 12-24mm) a remote release cable, spare battery,plenty of memory capacity, and a monopod;

– aim for an aperture of at least f8 and adjust the ISO value accordingly;

– shoot;

– upload, backup, process, report.

On the day the shoot went quite well. The staff at the cathedral were friendly, and I had the bonus of the choir rehearsing for their performance, which unfortunately was in less than 30 minutes from when I arrived.

These are the jpg’s produced after the first technical edit. I have left in quite a few that may prove to be unrecoverable, but with some burning, dodging and overlays they may work out OK. I also shot in RAW and will use those images for the assignment.

The main conclusion was that I need to find a tripod and head that weigh under 1kg. I will probably end up with a cheap aluminium tripod with fixed head that needs to be weighted down. I’ve had a few of these previously but got rid of them because of the lack of stability, particularly in the head, but it is fairly obvious that a monopod is better than hand-held but still quite limiting.

These are the images that I will use for the assignment:

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