Exercise: Your own workflow 1

..Kate was my chosen model, and agreed to pose just as the weather changed and we had six inches of snow, making the garden unavailable as a location.  We waited for a few weeks and then Kate caught a severe cold that gave her blotches and red patches so she wasn’t keen on doing the shoot. Eventually we decided to go ahead indoors and did the shoot in under ten minutes.

We started with an over-exposed shot with only daylight from a window to the side.  I liked that effect but wanted a more conventional pose, and we tried using a guitar as prop, but that wasn’t working, so we removed it.  I then introduced off-camera fill-in flash, and bounced the light from a wall, off the ceiling, from low down, higher above, until we found a shot we both liked.

I only noticed afterwards during the review that the flash was adding a deep shadow on the far side of nose, as well as a shadow of her hair on her neck although the hair is less obvious. With a more considered shoot I would have used a laptop to review the shots as they were taken.

With further work we could have used studio lights but this was intended to be a fast setup and shoot, and that’s what we did.

About watlvry

Flaneur for my own ailments; government and corporate hypocrisy; guitar stuff; the music business; home made videos featuring home made tunes played at home; a bit of golf; and of course photography. Specifically "art" photography (doesn't exist) and contemporary photography ( sadly does exist in all its grotesque reality).
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